Lego Minifigures Online game details revealed

Funcom have revealed the details of their new Lego MMORPG: Set to launch late next year is Lego Minifigures Online, featuring the designs from the Collectable Minifigures in adventures spanning multiple themed environments, including Pirate World, Space World, Medieval World, and Mythology World. Players will be able to explore those worlds, while building, unbuilding (aka destroying stuff), and battling. Each of the minifigures will have unique abilities, and most intriguingly future series of the Collectable Minifigures will come with codes, linking the real world toys with their online counterparts. Here's a trailer:

And here are the features Funcom list on their website, along with a smattering of screencaps (which continue after the jump):

Explore many wondrous worlds of LEGO each teeming with life, detail and awesome adventure! From lush islands held by swashbuckling pirates to alien worlds where the Galaxy Patrol must battle dangers such as the mind-controlling Pluuvian Brain-Beast!
Find, collect and play with almost one hundred different minifigures! The Ice Skater, the Chicken Suit Guy, the Roller Derby Girl, The Policeman and many, many more; millions of LEGO fans all over the world have held them in their hands and now they can step into their shoes as they explore the world of LEGO Minifigures Online!
Interact with the environment around you and use it to your advantage! Smash an enemy turret and re-build it to work for you, destroy a wall to discover a hidden passage and even build machines to help you take down the big bosses! Smashing stuff definitely feels good, but as all LEGO fans will know, building something feels even better!
Play together with thousands of other players from all over the world! Face the adventure together or engage in awesome player vs. player battles where you must build towers, traps, mines and turrets while taking on the enemy and smashing theirs!
Discover unique abilities with each minifigure! Take control of the rocked-out DJ and literally drop your beats on unsuspecting enemies, or assume the role of the Aztec Warrior and go to battle making sure no one is spared your mighty spear! Maybe the Plumber is your guy? Sure; unclog those baddies and make a mess of them!
Gather experience and level up minifigures by smashing your way through enemies, rocks and LEGO blocks! Customize your playstyle by collecting special bricks and put them together in unique shapes to upgrade abilities such as luck and creativity!
Since 1975, LEGO has made more than 3600 different minifigures available and Funcom will continuously keep adding more and more of these for players to collect in-game! Funcom and LEGO are working closely together to blend the physical world of LEGO with the digital one; for instance players who purchase bags containing real minifigure will immediately be able to jump into the game and play with their virtual counterparts!
Unravel what is surely an Academy Award Winning* story! Take on quests such as searching for buried treasure in the pirate world, rescuing the kingnapped king in the medieval world, and even helping Zeus himself in the mythology world!

It's... Lego Monty Python

Well here's a Lego product I've love to see, but for reasons of multiple non-child compatibly issues, sadly never will: Flickr user Rifiröfi has created a brilliant series of could-be sets designs based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Here are my favourites, including lovely details like a Lego Holy Hand Grenade, and cow-catapult. See the full series on Flickr.

Ghostbusters gets to Cuusoo review, again...

Well here's a curious occurrence, just a couple of weeks after a Ghostbusters project got through to the review stage on Lego Cuusoo, a second project, with pretty much exactly the same set design, has also got up to ten-thousands supporters, and so will also be in the next Cuusoo review. Like the preview successful project, this new reviewee proposes a set based on the Ghostbusters' car, Ecto-1:

I'm very curious to see how Lego deals with this. They clearly have strong support, with effectively twice the backing required to get to review. I rather hope they treat it as one submission, and split the credit.

New Marvel Super Heroes video game trailer

Lego and Marvel have released a new trailer for the forthcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game. This one is more story focused than the previous teaser and themed trailers, and make the game look really fun! I'm not that keen on the introduction of voice actors to the games, instead of the grunts, squeaks, and other assorted minifigure noises of the earlier Lego games, but it looks like they're putting them to good effect here to tell a story and keep up the humour levels:

King Kong gets his first 100 supporters

Huzzah! My King Kong Lego Cuusoo project has passed the first one-hundred supporters milestone. Just nine-thousand-nine-hundred to go!

To celebrate I thought I'd reward Kong with one of his favourite snacks, a delicious Skull Islander - I'm endeavouring to emulate the cut-to-giant-head Kong shots from the 1933 version here:

If you're curious, I thought it might be an interesting scale comparison to see Kong alongside the Delorean set. His torso is about the same size as the car, so it would be a larger set with all his limbs too:

If you haven't already, please make your way to Cuusoo and support the project, so hopefully Kong can join the the Delorean as a real Lego set!

Next into the Cuusoo review: A pink rabbit with a robot...

The latest project to pass the ten-thousand mark and enter the Cuusoo review queue is Poptropica: Dr. Hare's Lair. Another proposal backed by an enthusiastic gaming fanbase, the set idea is for a lab-type setting featuring a giant rabbit robot, and the pink bunny-suit wearing character Dr Hare. I've never heard of Poptropica before, but it evidently has enough of a following to get the project backed, and indeed already has a variety of merchandise available, which would seem to give a bit more credibility to the saleability of a set. The proposed set design seems quite reasonable in scale, and seeing it purely as a potential set looks like quite a nice design; featuring location elements and a big robot, plus a unique and quirky minifigure:

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this, is how it got the support. Not just taping into the fanbase, the creators of the game and the set (one in the same), were very activity encouraging, and incentivising fans of the game, by offering in-game bonuses as the project passed various supporter milestones. Check out their blog to see all the effort they put into promoting the proposal. Having reached the end, they've now released a little celebratory video, featuring an animated version of the set:

King Kong, my first Cuusoo project

My first proper MOC in far too long, and also my first submission to Cuusoo: King Kong, eighth wonder of the world!

King Kong is one of my all time favourite films, both the original 1933 version, for it's pioneering visual effects and incredible atmosphere, and the 2005 remake, for bringing Skull Island alive so vividly, and giving us a much more touching relationship between Kong and Ann Darrow. I've yet to see the 1976 version, although I get the impression I'm not missing much there... The original is, incredibly, eighty years old this year!

To celebrate Kong's birthday, and to challenge myself to build something other than a spaceship for once, I decided to build Kong, and have also submitted him to Cuusoo, in the hope he might one day become a real official Lego set as well! As one of the icons of cinema he certainly deserves that privilege!

I've based my Kong mainly on the more realistic gorilla anatomy of the 2005 version, but I hope he feels right standing in for either incarnation. He has articulated hands and limbs, and a poseable head, so it's possible for him to stand on all fours, just about stable up on his hind-legs, and he can also carry Ann.

I've cobbled Ann together from existing minifigure prints, so a bit awkwardly she has white socks on with her white dress. If the set got made I'm sure she'd have a better outfit designed. I think the Hollywood starlet hair is perfect for her though.

Most of the parts in my design are readily available, although I did use the bulb-pin type pieces for his fingers tips, to give them a nice organic roundness. These are currently only available in transparent colours or metallic silver, so for the purposes of finishing my model I actually coloured a few in with a marker pen! The first time I've modified a Lego piece in that way - I feel like I've committed a crime, but he looked silly with bright coloured see-through finger tips! Should the Cuusoo project get the required support, and Lego chose to carry that element of the design over to the final set, then that part would become available in black, or maybe dark grey (to match the other fleshier highlights), for the first time.

When I was initially thinking about making him I had in mind that I would couple him up with the T-Rex (or V-Rex in the remake), to recreate the encounter between the two in the film. As I was building him I realised thought that Kong on his own would be quite a large set by Cuusoo standards so far (his torso alone is the size of the Delorean), so for the Cuusoo proposal I've just done Kong on his own. I'll probably still have a crack at making a T-Rex for fun too though, and maybe a biplane as well, for another fun combination.

There are a few more pictures after the jump. If you like my build, or you're a fan of King Kong, or just like gorillas, please make your way to the Cuusoo proposal and add your support. He'll need ten-thousand supporters to be put to the Cuusoo review for consideration to become a real set. So please also share him around your preferred social media to help drum up some support! It's a long shot given the number of Cuusoo projects already in review, but I really like the idea of the eighth wonder of the world becoming the eighth Cuusoo set!

PS. Don't forget, Kong needs ten-thousand supports to be considered to become a real Lego set. So please add your support. Thanks!

2014 set rumours

All of a sudden there seem to be a lot of rumours detailing some of the late-2013 and early-2014 Lego sets. Below you'll find details and set lists for new themes including Disney Princess, The Simpsons, The Lego Movie, as well as all the returning themes: Star Wars, The Hobbit, Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Friends, City, Legends of Chima, Ninjago, Junior, and Creator. Keep in mind though these are rumours at this stage.

Continue after the jump for a theme by theme listing. Updated October 9th.

Star Wars

The only set revealed so far: 75043 AT-AP
Flickr user David Hall posted the following list, complete with set numbers. There will be the usual assortment of minifigure sets based on Star Wars vehicles, largely based on Revenge of the Sith this time. There will also be several new minifigure heavy battle-packs, and a new series called "Microfighters". The latter is apparently a replacement for the planets series, featuring under-scaled rendition of vehicle which seats a related minifigure, in the same style as some of the recent convention exclusive sets - Bricks and Bloks posted descriptions of these sets. The Brick Fan has also posted suggesting a UCS Slave 1 might be on the way.

System sets:
  • 73038 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor
  • 75039 V-Wing Starfighter
  • 75040 General Grievous' Wheel Bike
  • 75041 Vulture Droid
  • 75042 Droid Gunship
  • 75043 AT-AP
  • 75044 Droid Tri-Fighter
  • 75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon
  • 75046 Coruscant Police Gunship
Battle packs:
  • 75034 Death Star Troopers
  • 75035 Kashyyyk Troopers
  • 75036 Utapau Troopers
  • 75037 Battle on Saleucami
  • 75028 Clone Turbo Tank with blue clone trooper
  • 75029 AAT with pilot battle droid
  • 75030 Millennium Falcon with Han Solo
  • 75031 TIE Interceptor with Imperial TIE pilot
  • 75032 X-Wing Fighter with X-Wing pilot
  • 75033 Imperial Star Destroyer with Imperial crew

The Simpsons

It would appear the rumours of The Simpsons Lego are ture, and although Lego haven't official announced the series yet, they have talked a little about it to the press, as Brickset reported. Reddit user LegoCody posted the following list of expected sets in the first wave of releases, including which minifigures will be included:
  • Bart's Skate Trick (Bart and Millhouse)
  • Homer at the Control Panel (Homer, Mr. Burns, and Smithers)
  • Lisa's Sax Performance (Lisa, Marge, Sherry and Terri)
  • Springfield Shops (Bart, Krusty Burger cashier, Krusty, Apu, and Nelson)
  • Simpson's House (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grandpa, Flanders, and Santa's Little Helper)
Contrary to this list however Nerdly suggests there will just be one set, initially, a Lego direct exclusive Simpson's House. However they also report that series thirteen of the collectable minifigures will be a The Simpsons wave!

The Hobbit

79013 Lake Town Chase, previewed recently at Comic Con
Due to come out alongside The Desolation of Smaug, the second film in The Hobbit trilogy, Brickset forum user dashofdashing posted this set list:
  • 79011 Dol Guldur Ambus
  • 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army
  • 79013 Lake Town Chase
  • 79014 Dol Guldur Battle

Super Heroes

76012 The Riddler Chase, also previewed at Comic Con.
The next wave of Super Heroes will apparently be swinging back to DC releases, with Batman the focus. Eurobricks user darth_tater, posted the following list, and gave descriptions of what's in each set:
  • 76010 The Penguin Face off (Batman on a jet-ski, opposite The Penguin and two robots on some sort of duck)
  • 76011 Man-Bat Attack (Batman, Robin, and Man-Bat, with a Bat-helicopter)
  • 76012 The Riddler Chase (Batman, The Flash, and the Riddler, with two cars)
  • 76013 The Joker Steam Roller (Five figures including Batman and The Joker, with a Bat-Jet, and a colourful steamroller)
  • 76014 [Retail Exclusive set]
Later in the year there will be more Marvel sets, supporting the various Marvel films coming out in 2014 as well as more general releases. Eurobricks user Kris Kelvin posted set numbers and descriptions of the the Avengers and Spiderman releases, while The Brick Fan suggests there will be Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men sets later in the year too.

Avengers sets:
  • 76018 - A labratory, with four minifigures including the Hulk.
  • 76017 - Captain America and a motorbike with two other characters.
Spiderman sets:
  • 76016 - Spiderman with a helicopter-like vehicle and one other character.
  • 76015 - Spiderman, Doctor Octopus, and a car with one other character.
  • 76014 - Spiderman with a tricycle and another character.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    All About Bricks reports there will be seven sets in 2014, with at least three based on the new movie, while the rest will continue to draw from the current animated series.


    The Brick Blogger poster the following set list, including two more waves of animals sets and a great variety of locations in the larger sets:

    Standard sets:
    • 41026 Sunshine Harvest
    • 41027 Mia's Lemonade Stand
    • 41028 Emma's Lifeguard Post
    • 40129 Stephanie's Newborn Lamb
    • 40135 Heartlake Juice Bar
    • 40137 Stephanie's Beach House
    • 40139 Sunshine Ranch
    • 40156 Heartlake News Van
    • 40157 Heartlake Horse Show 
    Animals, series 4:
    • 41041 Turtle's Little Paradise
    • 41042 Tiger's Beautiful Temple
    • 41043 Penguin's Playground
    Animals, series 5:
    • 41044 Macaw’s Fountain
    • 41045 Orangutan’s Banana Tree
    • 41046 Brown Bear’s River

    Disney Princess

    Here's some really cool news. According to All About Bricks, 2014 will also see the Friends minidolls transformed into Disney Princesses, in the first licensed spin-off of the girl-focused Lego sets. The first wave of sets will apparently only feature four of the princesses, I hope we don't have to wait too long for a Jasmine set, hopefully with a tiger!
    • 41050 Ariel’s Secret Treasures
    • 41051 Merida’s Highland Games
    • 41052 Cinderella’s Enchanted Carriage
    • 41053 Ariel’s Magical Kiss
    • 41054 Rapunzel’s Tower of Creativity
    • 41055 Cinderella’s Castle Romance


      Yet again 2014 looks to be dominated by Police sets in the City! There will also be the usual assortment of miscellaneous other vehicles as well though. Here's a list, again posted by Eurobrick's Klaus-Dieter. UPDATED, with set numbers and descriptions from several users on Eurobricks. Police:
      • 60041 Crook Pursuit
      • 60042 High Speed Police Chase 
      • 60043 Prisoner Transport 
      • 60044 Mobile Police Unit 
      • 60045 Police Patrol 
      • 60046 Helicopter Surveillance 
      • 60047 Police Station
      Other vehicles:
      • 60053 Race Car
      • 60054 Light Repair Truck - Comes with a lamppost to repair apparently (sounds like 3179 Repair Truck)
      • 60055 Monster Truck
      • 60056 Tow Truck
      • 60057 Camper Van - Similar to other recent camper vans, this one comes with a canoe.
      • 60058 SUV with Watercraft - Dark red car with two jet-skis.
      • 60059 Logging Truck
      • 60060 Auto Transporter - A multi-car lorry, including two cars.
      • 60061 Airport Fire Truck  

      Legends of Chima

      There will be three groups of sets in the early 2014 Chima releases: The standard vehicles and playets, more of the smaller Speedorz sets, and some new sets called "Legend Beasts".The Brick Blogger speculates the latter category will take the form of large animals the minifigure animals can ride (which sounds cool to me!). Eurobricks user CM4S posted the set lists:

      Standard sets
      • 70128 Braptor’s Wing Striker
      • 70129 Lavertus’ Twin Blade
      • 70130 Sparratus’ Spider Striker
      • 70131 Rogon’s Rock Flinger
      • 70132 Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger
      • 70133 Spinlyn’s Cavern
      • 70134 Lavertus’ Outland Base
      Legend Beasts:
      • 70123 Lion Legend Beast
      • 70124 Eagle Legend Beast
      • 70125 Gorilla Legend Beast
      • 70126 Crocodile Legend Beast
      • 70127 Wolf Legend Beast
      • 70136 Banana Bash
      • 70137 Bat Strike
      • 70138 Web Dash
      • 70139 Sky Launch
      • 70140 Stinger Duel


      Ninjago will also be returning next year, based on the teaser poster Lego released a while ago, and the rumoured set names, it looks like the next wave with have a cyborg theme. The Brick Blogger posted this list:
      • 70720 Hover Hunter
      • 70721 Fighter Kai
      • 70722 OverBorg Attack
      • 70723 Thunder Raider
      • 70724 NinjaCopter
      • 70725 Nindroid MechDragon
      • 70726 Destructoid

      The Lego Movie

      Finally, Lego recently announced that part of the merchandising plans for The Lego Movie would be to turn over one series of the Collectable Minifigures to characters exclusively from the movie (both new designs and retro characters from Lego history). Eurobrick's Klaus-Dieter has reported that Series 12 will be the one getting this treatment.


      All About Bricks reports this is the new name for the Bricks and More series; the basic intro to Lego sort of sets, which focus more on creativity than making a single detailed model. Interestingly some Super Heroes characters will be included in this range in 2014:
      • 10665 Spider-Man
      • 10666 Digger
      • 10667 Construction
      • 10668 Princess Castle
      • 10672 Batman – Batcave
      • 10673 Race Car Rally
      • 10674 Pony Farm
      • 10675 Police – The Big Escape


      All About Bricks posted the following list of sets in the 2014 Creator range:
      • 31013 Red Thunder
      • 31014 Power Digger
      • 31015 Emerald Express
      • 31017 Sunset Speeder
      • 31018 Highway Cruiser
      • 31019 Forest Animals
      • 31020 Twinblade Adventures
      • 31021 Furry Creatures
      • 31022 Turbo Quad
      • 31025 Mountain Hut

      Official images of the new Minecraft sets

      Due out next month are two new Minecraft sets, setting a new precedent in not being Cuusoo projects themselves, but building upon the success of a Cuusoo set (21102 Minecraft Micro World). Eurobrick's GRogall has released images of the two new sets, 21105 The Village and 21106 The Nether: